2016 - 2017
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2014 - 2015

K-2 1st Place Winners. It was a nail-biting, down to the wire finish! Kolter and Harvard Elementary tied at the end of the final round and had to go into overtime to break the tie. After the 10th and final quote, Kolter answered correctly and came out the winner. Congratulations to Landon Liu, Rebecca and Lydia Luo, Alicia Teague, Penelope Caraballo, Oluwateyin Aghedo and captain of the team, Andrew Sazykin for a job well done. Kolter Rocks! {Group photo unavailable}

2013 - 14 Team

Name that Book 2012 - 2013K-2

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Name that Book K-2 won 1st place in the Name that Book competition on Friday, March 1. Team captain, Julianne and her group competed against Almeda ES, Briargrove ES, Martinez ES, Mitchell ES, Pleasantville ES, and The Rice School. Team members included: Wyatt and Hunter (Kindergarteners), Cayenne and Leah (1st graders) and Sofia , Anna and Jaxon (2nd graders). No matter the outcome, all of the boys and girls were pumped up and excited and are winners!!! What a team! our gracious PTO purchased the Name that Book t-shirts.

Name that Book - 2011 - 2012K-2

Woohooo! Congratulations to our K-2 Name that Book team for winning 1st place in the Name that Book contest on February 29 at M.C. Williams Middle School. Team members, Julianne Cruz (Captain), Annie Li (Co-captain), Weillison Hsu, Anna Fei, Joselyn Lwigale, Jackson Meisenbach and Henry Pu shined through out the competition. A heartfelt thanks to the PTO for purchasing the NTB T-shirts and the wonderful parents who helped with practices for making this all possible.